I'm Lyra, a senior Computer Science student

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology ('24)

About me

I am an innovator who can scrutinize the reality and transform the solution, converting ideas to impact
for the benefit of all. My interests are Natural Language Processing, AI/ML, and Full Stack Software Development. 


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Lyra (Yujung) Lee
Expected Graduation Date:
May 2024
Current Location:
Terre Haute, Indiana



Rose Hulman 
Institute of Technology

Sep 2020 - Present

Bachelor of Science, 
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Relevant Courses: CSSE490 Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence, CSSE492 Guided Research: Evo-Devo NKFL, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Android App Development, Object-Oriented Software Development, Web Programming, Computer Systems, Digital Systems

 Terre Haute, IN
Cheongshim International Academy

Mar 2014 - Feb 2020

Highschool Diploma

Notable Achievements: Honor Roll, Award of Service every year,
Interdisciplinary Data Analysis Competition (1st Place),
SK TechX App Challenge (Semi-Finalists),
Multicultural Essay Competition (2nd Place)

 Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 


Samsung Humantech Paper Competition, Silver Prize (Feb 2019)

Authored “Mathematical Modeling for Atmospheric Fine-Dust Removal Through the Photoelectric Effect of Chlorophyll”

Korea Presidential Science Scholarship
(May 2020 - Present)

Funded by the Korean Government ($200K)

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Noblitt Scholars 2024
(Sep 2020 - Present)

Dean’s List
Rose Hulman Merit Scholar

About the program 

Korea Youth 
Start-up Competition, Grand Prize (Jan 2019)

Devised a ​pharmaceutical database to alleviate the disparity in access to medical information


May 2023
Software Engineering Intern @Flexware Innovation (A Hitachi Group Company)
  • Language/Environment:
    Java, MySQL, Ignition, Linux, IntelliJ
  • Created Ignition project for AR Passthrough Demo using Microsoft Hololens and optimized live stream video latency for Hitachi America R&D Technology Showcase
  • Implemented Ignition Java modules to integrate between LIFT (Logistics Integration Framework Technology) with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and fleet manager
  • Improved LIFT Simulator software adding mission tracking page and parameters for simulating missions
  • Demonstrated optimization of time-performance efficiency with the example of a genetic algorithm
  • Created User Journey Map and Figma UI Frame for newer version of LIFT
Jun 2022
Aug 2022
Software Engineering Intern @NETID
  • Language/Environment:
    ElasticSearch, Kibana, Java, JPA, Spring, Vue.js, Vuetify, SCSS, MySQL, VS Code, IntelliJ
  • Developed a scheduler to manage AI training tasks and their status considering priority and dependencies
  • Created RESTful APIs for managing admin alarms using JPA, Spring and Beans
  • Developed AI Task manager page for system and domain administrator that controls the AI training process
  • Re-indexed queries with ElasticSearch and retrieved information using Kibana
  • Optimized MySQL database and tested sample data with MySQL queries
Apr 2023
May 2023
CSSE490 Natural Language Processing
Jan 2022
Feb 2022
BodyClock, Lifestyle Manager for Irregular Sleepers
  • Language/Environment:
    Kotlin, Android Studio, Firebase
  • Created an alternative clock and lifestyle management system for people who have unusual sleep cycles
  • Designed UI with Figma and employed calendar, switch material and alert dialog from Material Design
  • Developed the backend with Firebase (Cloud Firestore) to track users’ sleep records and mealtimes to calculate the body clock
Jan 2019
Medic, Accessible Pharmaceutical Web Application
  • Language/Environment:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, Firebase
  • Developed web application providing accessible pharmaceutical information with intuitive features for elders, children, and residents who live in remote areas
  • Designed UI and flow with Figma to improve the previous prototype created in 2019
  • Filed a patent for “Medical Supplies Platform Application” in South Korea
  • Web App
Apr 2022
  • Language/Environment:
    Java, SQL, Microsoft SSMS
  • Devise a software that appropriately recommends pharmaceutical products according to patient’s age, symptoms, conditions, and allergies
  • Develop the backend with SSMS to store and retrieve data from the database
  • Create a community to share users’ experience and feedbacks about pills and products
  • ER Diagram | Database Schema
Sep 2021
Sep 2021
Meta-Evolutionary Algorithm for Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Language/Environment:
    Java, Visual Studio Code
  • Designed a meta-evolutionary algorithm to automate hyperparameter tuning with evolutionary search
  • Demonstrated optimization of time-performance efficiency with the example of a genetic algorithm
  • Evolved algorithms that are 37% faster on average to reach the desired solution
  • Source Code
Jun 2021
Mar 2022
Undergraduate Research: Evo-Devo NKFL
  • Language/Environment: Java, Python, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code
  • Developed an abstract computational model to capture the relationship between learning and evolution
  • Implemented a developmental process that guides an agent’s trajectory through a NK fitness landscape
  • Recieved acceptance for "Evolutionary-Development in NK Fitness Landscapes" to the ALIFE 2022 conference (International Society for Artificial Life)
Mar 2017
Feb 2019
Bio-Inspired and Computational Methods for Atmospheric Fine-Dust Removal
Oct 2020
Nov 2020
Capstone Project for Object-Oriented Software Development
  • Language/Environment:
    Java, Eclipse
  • Designed and implemented the Arcade Game ‘JetPac Man’ with Java
  • Implemented moving objects and stationary objects with animation in JFrame
  • Effectively handled collisions between hero, aliens, platforms, spaceships, and bullets
  • Source Code
Oct 2021
Nov 2021
Evolutionary Optimization of a Virtual Robot
  • Language/Environment:
    Python, Visual Studio Code
  • Created a virtual robot with modularized functionalities for sensor, motor, brain, and body
  • Activated the robot in Pyrosim and implemented a testing system for moving in a given direction
  • Optimized the weights of the neural network to maximize performance, using parallel gradient descent to avoid local optima
  • Source Code
Sep 2021
Sep 2021
Genetic Algorithm Research Project
  • Language/Environment:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, Firebase
  • Designed and implemented genetic algorithm with Java along with a evolutionary simulator including customizable variables such as mutation rate, selection and crossover methods
  • Displayed the progress of the evolution as a dynamic graph of the highest, lowest, and average fitness in each generation as well as its diversity, with user-specified evolution speed
  • Source Code
Nov 2022
Nov 2022
Swarm Intelligence:
Implementation of Boids

  • Language/Environment:
    Java, Visual Studio Code
  • Implemented boids that satisfies the rules of seperation, alignment and cohesion
  • Added functionality such that the boids would move toward the mouse cursor
  • Source Code
Nov 2022
Nov 2022
Developmental Systems:
  • Language/Environment:
    Python, Visual Studio Code
  • Implemented Bresenham's line and circle drawing algorithms
  • Implemented deterministic context-free L systems, and visualization of round star and pentadendrite
  • Source Code
Apr 2020
May 2020
Korean Festival Database Project
  • Language/Environment:
    Java, SQL, Oracle SQL Developer
  • Created an informational program in an MVC framework, that categorizes and provides details of festivals in Korea by numerous search filters such as month and season
  • Employed web crawling on a governmental festivals hub website to collect data on their name, date, location, and description, processing them into a database with Oracle SQL